Halloween Stories: Four Tales of Horror and Humor for The Haunting Season

‘Tis All Hallows E’en’ again and time for the witches and ghoulies to come out. It is the time to turn off the lights, ignite a candle and, in the flickering light, settle down with tales of waking spirits, haunted places, demonic possessions and other stories to make your heart go bump in the night.

Alternatively, you could creep up behind someone else who is doing this and shout “BOO!”!

Here are four short tales that will take you on a twisting journey. From a way to have fun on Halloween, through a tale of frightened children in the dark in the yard behind Grandma’s, an undertaker’s worst nightmare and to the conclusion: the chilling story and picture of the doll in the attic that was posted world wide on the internet.
Are you sitting comfortably?

Then let us begin!

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