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No one is completely sure when mankind started believing in the existence of ghosts. It appears that many of concepts like the burials and funerals were early attempts to appease the spirits of the dead so they wouldn’t disturb the living.

ghosts get snapped

This first known recorded true life accounts of ghosts were also two of the strangest. Plutarch in the 1st century AD and Pliny in 50 AD detailed a couple of haunting spirits complete with chains, groans, and accusations of murder. Plutarch told of a home in one community that so plagued the neighbors they shut up the dwelling, but Pliny had a longer tale. 

Five really awesome ghost stories, featuring Pliny's story, the ghost of Catherine Howard (picture above), Borley Rectory, the ghosts of Shropshire and the Ouija-Board in:

5 Strangest Ghost Stories - Weird Worm

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