The Dolls of Death

The Venetian Lady once played a wonderful tune on the piano in this most haunted house we are looking for....

She played it for her lover, who was a descendant of the Menapic druids that once lived here. He specialised in the manufacturing of the terrible Wax Dolls of Death.

Witches and warlocks were often asked to bring about a ‘manipulation of love’. Because of their intervention, a great love could be conquered or a broken heart avenged. Or a husband who got in the way suddenly suffered great torment and died in agony.

The Dolls of Death were baptised with the name of the victim and stabbed with hot and poisoned needles, before being cursed forever.

The Venetian Lady requested her lover to use a Doll on her old and rich husband. But this man, a butcher, suspected something and replaced his cut off fingernail by a lock of hair from the wicked druid...

The butcher went after his Venetian Lady, while her druid succumbed under hellish pains and she was hiding in the haunted house we are looking for...

Sometime later, the police found her body, on a bed soaked with her blood. The police searched and searched hard, but they never found her head. Maybe it got lost in Horror House?

Some nights the ghost of the Venetian Lady has been seen, head under the arm, wandering through the streets of Bruges-la-Morte, whispering: ‘My dear druid... Where have you gone?’

Meanwhile her sinister husband plunges himself in the Lake of Love, as he has done for the last few centuries...


Movie Trailer 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' | Adanx Movies Blog

 Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) crosses paths with a woman from his past (Cruz), and he’s not sure if it’s love – or if she’s a ruthless con artist who’s using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.

Rob Marshall
Ted Elliott
Terry Rossio
Novel On Stranger Tides:
Tim Powers
Action / Adventure / Fantasy
$200 000 000
Release Date:
20 May 2011 2011 (USA)
Walt Disney Pictures
Watch Movie Trailer Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Movie Trailer 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' | Adanx Movies Blog


The Pianist, Invisible

In the following message the name of a composer and one of his most popular compositions were transmitted to us by the Ouija Medium in a numerologic code.

Give us the name of the composer and of his composition:

In this most haunted house of Bruges-la-Morte we’re looking for, one can hear IIIII14II 1112IIIII14II 14I382013V19III11, one of the most popular compositions of 23O1267I147 I13I4IO19 13O26I1819. Children from all around climb each other’s shoulders to catch a glimpse of the grand piano that was left in the house by the last occupants. The lid is always open, a piano stool in place. And every night, this wonderful music is sounding through the street...

At midnight, the house is completely deserted. In each of the rooms, it’s pitch black, apart from the room in which the grand piano plays the same wonderful melody, night after night, caught in a web of white light…

What are you saying? That you can’t see the piano player? But nevertheless, the keys of the instrument are touched by invisible fingers! And look… A beautiful young Venetian Lady dances to the tunes straight through the front wall of the mystery mansion we are looking for. And she disappears into the night fog...

Do you see it? And can you hear now the rattling of carriage wheels on the shiny cobblestones in the street?
A magnificent coach appears from around the corner. It is pulled by two pitch black horses and the coachman is a sinister looking man – dark, old and sombre. He hesitates for a moment, then whips the horses and…

If you ever feel the need to follow this coach and coachman, you should remember that every night they disappear through the impenetrable black mirror of the Lake of Love…


What the Ouija Board told us...

We are searching for one particular, very haunted house, here in Bruges-la-Morte. We need the the name of the street and the address of this house.  During a number of seances with the Ouija board, a medium has made contact with the spirit world and has received some orders and coded messages.

‘Ouija’ is pronounced ‘Wiedja’. It’s a combination of the French and German word for ‘yes’. The Ouija board is a piece of paper or cardboard, or a wooden board with letters, numbers and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It can be used with a glass, pendulum or board to pass on messages and its purpose is to communicate with the spirit world. Just like the tarot game, the Ouija board is an oracle: it answers the questions you ask.

In the True & Sad Story of Love Lake, communicated to us through the Ouija board, the name of a street is hidden (in Dutch, of course). Go for it:

Minna (an old Dutch word for ‘love’) lived ith her old father in a small fisher’s cabin by the Reie canal. Her father had sailed his whole life the wild waters of the North Sea. Now the lived from the few fish the Reie gave them, while he dreamt of a young fellow who would oce again take his boat onto the wild waters. Minna’s father thouht of a guy like Hornbeck, the son of a fisherman, but Minn was madly in love with the young farmer Stromberg.

‘A farmer is not suitable party for a fisherman’s daughter’, Minna’s father said. And that’s why Minna met her lover in secret on the banks of the Reie, where they hid in the reeds.

Then war broke out. The fishemen stayed at home, but the farmers went to war an Minna’s father seized the opportunity. ‘Within three days, you will marry Hornbeck’, he said.

Minna cried for two days and nights, but on the third day he fled into the dunes. From morning till evening she ran through heather and woods until she fell down by the banks of the Reie, completely exhaused.

When Stomberg came back home, people said his beloved had vanished without a trace. He went out to look for her, and found her in their secret hiding place... and Minna died that night in his arms.

The sun rose and Stromberg created dam in the Reie. Now the fishermen downstream only found fish in the mud, despertely gasping for air.

In the dry bed Stromberg dug a grave for Minna. He covered her body with a blanket of water lilies, and stayed with her a full night. After that, he let the water stream again.

Soon the grave of his dead love reflected the heavenly blue sky. And Sromberg rolled a heavy black stone onto the roerbank in which he hacked the letters:

M i n n a w a t e r

See also:


Phantoms of Bruges-la-Morte: Introduction

Good day, my friend... Will you be so kind to let me tell you this little story?

That’s fine! That’s really... very nice of you! Now listen, I will tell you this cute little story...

Not so long ago, one of those many timeless tourist coaches stopped before me and the coachman offered me kindly a free ride. He showed me a map of medieval Bruges, which showed little or no differences with a map from your century.

‘The city still is a labyrinth,’ the coachman said, ‘lying beyond our laws of time and space. An unsuspecting tourist as you are, not guarded by a supernatural compass, would constantly return on his or her point of departure. Blame it on the medieval masons and the urbanists who have built this city in black magic rings.’

Why have they done that?’ I asked.

‘As you know, Bruges has once been chosen to be the Guardian City of the Holy Blood or the Holy Grail... So it must be here that Satan also unleashes the worst of his devils! That’s why the Powers of Good and Evil, of Darkness and Light will fight each other more fiercely in Bruges than anywhere else in the world! And that’s how Bruges was turned into Bruges-la-Morte...’

I see,’ I said. ‘Now may I ask you a question, Sir? I was wondering... You who drive day and night on these cobblestone roads, you must have seen a lot of strange and terrible things here… And if Bruges really is the City of Death, all those ghosts people are talking about… Are they real? Or do we see them only in our imagination?’

‘Oh, well, let me tell you this, my sweet Venetian Lady,’ the coachman smiled. ‘Now for over five hundred years I dwell on these streets of Bruges-la-Morte, and believe me: never have I seen one single ghost here!’

Give him (or her) a Quote!

A Ghost City Hunt, Trip & Game - Online or... Alive & kicking in good old Bruges-la-Morte:

To Be Continued!


YouTube - Nite Mare


Ride the nite mare, she gallops from dawn, racing furiously to beat the light. Her hooves kiss the earth with sparks, iron on rock, pyres burn behind her. Twin, thin streams of flame her breath, nostrils betray the fires of hell. Coal black, demon spawn, horse of Hades.
YouTube - Nite Mare

Check it out at: http://www.mysticalpoetryandpolitics.com


Sweet Brier: Moon Shine Ridge

But you need to know why that ridge has that name
It's not the whiskey that was made.
That ridge is haunted and dangerous for you
The previous dwellers were driven insane.
For when the full moon lights the dark sky
And Emma Jean is seen.

She's come back for her girls
That never were found
This happens on Halloween.

Read More:

Sweet Brier: Moon Shine Ridge

By Faith Hodge


YouTube - Ghost Dreams

Ghost Dreams

by  mysticdave666 

Check out his blog at: http://www.mysticalpoetryandpolitics.com/

When i was a boy, i remember dreaming about ghosts flying at dusk, with their dark feathery whispers and moaning sounds, that i could faintly hear at night. In this dream i am in the desert after dark, swarms of ghosts soaring above me, obscuring the moon in gibbons phase. I begin to hear witches howl, so i climb to the top of a dune so i can see. There are a dozen or so, in black hooded robes. By torchlight they perform their secret rites and sacrifices.
YouTube - Ghost Dreams


Watchout, Zombies have risen again! - Fun Guerilla

ZOMBIECON NYC is a loosely organized group of bloodthirsty zombies. They gather once a year to attack NYC in a theatrical, absurdist parody of blind consumerism and brainless politics. Each year, they choose a theme to resonate with the times and attack city landmarks accordingly, stopping frequently for brains and beers.

On OCTOBER 16, 2010, the zombies have risen again in their disgusting annual search of bloody marys, brains, and braaaands. The glorious undead of New York City organised their sixth annual ghoulish spree of shopping, bar-hopping and horrifying Manhattan street theatrics.

Watchout, Zombies have risen again! - Fun Guerilla


Halloween Art. Hellish Creatures from Your Nightmares | Templates.com

Halloween Art

The haunted mind can give birth to horror and terrifying dreams. These dreams turn into nightmares and seize us at the darkest nights. They arouse our fears, stir blood in veins and make us believe in the most aweful things. It is a notorious fact that mysterious and unusual things evoke our interest and stir imagination. We can’t understand them, try to find some reasonable explanations and then come to the conclusion that we have to take as an axiom that these paranormal phenomena really exist. This theme is also very popular among digital artists who add breathtaking horror illustrations to their portfolios especially before Halloween. The Halloween art is inspired by mysticism and feature the expressive artworks showing various infernal creatures. Their macabre tone and gloomy colors leave the lasting impression and sometimes they can be called even stunning.

Well, let’s admire some really amazing examples of the Halloween art presented in today’s collection:


Edutainment: Near-Death Experiences Explained?


Near-death experiences are tricks of the mind triggered by an overload of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream, a new study suggests.
Many people who have recovered from life-threatening injuries have said they experienced their lives flashing before their eyes, saw bright lights, left their bodies, or encountered angels or dead loved ones. In the new study, researchers investigated whether different levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide—the main blood gases—play a role in the mysterious phenomenon…
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Edutainment: Near-Death Experiences Explained?


Watseka’s Oldest and Most Famous Unsolved Mysteries: The Double Life of Lurancy Vennum | Quazen

 Image Credit

Mary Roff had died in July 1865 at the age of 18, having suffered from fits throughout her life. It now seemed to Roff that his daughter had returned from the grave and taken over Lurancy’s body. Indeed, Lurancy was giving every sign of being Mary Roff and was constantly pleading to be allowed to go home to her parents.
Full article by Mr Ghaz :


Glastonbury’s Best Known Mysteries: An Archeologist Receives Help From The Ghost | Socyberty


The very first session produced the solution – in Latin – to one of Glastonbury’s best-known mysteries: the location of the Edgar Chapel, a 15th century addition to the abbey that had disappeared without a trace. The spirit of a monk called Johannes Bryant, who claimed he had been born in 1497 and died in 1533, gave the chapel’s precise site, dimensions, and decor. Johannes also said that there was a door in the east wall of the chapel – a highly unusual feature.
Full article by Mr Ghaz :
Glastonbury’s Best Known Mysteries: An Archeologist Receives Help From The Ghost | Socyberty


Marville, a Cold War Baby Blues


by Patrick Bernauw 

"Come on now, baby," the old lady said. "Come on now and follow me up to the cemetery. And listen to me, baby. I will not tell you a fairy tale. I will not tell you some silly urban legend. No fiction here with me, baby. Just plain facts. Just the true story of my Cold War Baby Blues. I want you to write it down, baby. Do you hear me? I want you to go tell it on the mountain. I want you to write it all down."

”The year was 1955,” the Lady of the Cemetery said. “As part of the NATO, the First Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force took possession of a newly built air base at Marville. Cozy little village it was. Close to the Franco-Belgian border, in the Lorraine Meuse Department.”
Full story (part one):
Marville, a Cold War Baby Blues: Part One | Socyberty


The Ghost Radio

By magnoliazz

When the moon rises, the ghost radio plays...

The Ghost Radio

I think I am a haunted person. Strange phenomena seems to follow me around. It started when I was five, and it continues to this day.
My latest haunting is what I call “The Ghost Radio”.
I have a finished basement with a bedroom and bathroom, it is also a storm shelter. At first I thought I would sleep in the basement only when a tornado warning was issued. A local woman was actually sucked out of her house during a nighttime tornado, so I started to get a bit paranoid when the weather turned stormy. Pretty soon I got a big screen TV for the basement bedroom, and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was sleeping in the basement every night. I feel very safe down there, kind of like a rabbit in its burrow.
At least twice a week, sometimes more than that, I wake up from a sound sleep, and it sounds just like a radio is playing in the kitchen area upstairs, however I have no radio I can make out songs quite easily, but I cannot make out what the announcer says. Its always a male announcer too, never a female. I guess they would really be classified as a disc jockey, but for some reason, I do not think that is appropriate in this case.

Full article:
The Ghost Radio


Graveyard of Lost Souls

By saddlerider1

Lady In White

For those of you who believe in or have actually had an up close and personal experience with a ghostly figure, I hope you will appreciate this piece of poetry. I had such a sighting a few years back when I was driving through the night to get to my destination. It was in a town in Kentucky, a town name I can't remember. The sighting haunts me to this very day, not in a scary way but with sadness for the lady in white who wanders that road and cemetery. Up till then I had never had a paranormal experience, however it made me a firm believer from that night forward.

Why did she appear to
Me in the early morning light
Staring from a distance with her
Reflection looking back at her
Full poem here:

Graveyard of Lost Souls


And The Music Did Not Stop...

On a warm summer evening, we were just sitting on a bench nearby the belfry of Mons, and talking a little. And as it was customary in those days, an old man stood up and told us a true story... about the Angels of Mons... and how the music did not stop...


10 Famous Ghost Pictures And Their Story - Paranormal Haze

10 Famous Ghost Pictures And Their Story

Ghosts are notoriously camera shy. More times than not when someone claims to have photographic evidence of a ghost it is usually a Photoshop job, trick photography, or it is “orbs”. Orbs are actually just a light source reflecting off dust, bugs, or precipitation that is in the air and the only way your camera knows how to deal with this reflection are the balls of light that one often associates with orbs. Some photographic evidence of ghosts does exist, however. This photographic evidence has stood up to scrutiny and stood the test of time.
Full article:
10 Famous Ghost Pictures And Their Story - Paranormal Haze

101 Zen Koans – Number 65 | Bukisa.com

65.   The Subjugation of a Ghost

A young wife fell sick and was about to die. "I love you so much," she told her husband, "I do not want to leave you. Do not go from me to any other woman. If you do, I will return as a ghost and cause you endless trouble."
Soon the wife passed away. The husband respected her last wish for the first three months, but then he met another woman and fell in love with her. They became engaged to be married.

Image Source

Immediately after the engagement a ghost appeared every night to the man, blaming him for not keeping his promise.
Full article by Auron:

101 Zen Koans – Number 65 | Bukisa.com


The 10 Best Japanese Ghost Towns - Asylum.com

By Michael John Grist
Common wisdom says Japan is a tiny island nation crammed from shore to shore with people living one on top of the other. Every bit of spare space is used to build Prius factories and grow rice.
In actuality, though, there are far more dark spots on the map than you'd imagine. The general view that every square inch of land is worth a bazillion dollars is just not true. There are gaps in the fa├žade that whole towns have fallen into, along with bizarre abandoned theme parks, ruined U.S. Air Force bases, and the tawdry remnants of pay-by-the-hour love hotels.
These places are known as haikyo, the Japanese word for ruins -- and Japan has plenty of them.
Based on over six years of actively exploring these haikyo, I've put together a list of the 10 most beautiful, most historic and most interesting. Read on to see these amazing forgotten gems, and click on the images to see more.
See them all:
The 10 Best Japanese Ghost Towns - Asylum.com


The Unfriendly Spirit | Socyberty

by Chris Stonecipher 

In my last article Back Yard Spirits, I wrote about the next door neighbor’s deceased husband’s spirit that my wife Jeanette saw in our back yard and in my work shed. He hung around for a while and finally left. However, shortly after he left, a woman’s spirit appeared in our home.

It was late fall of 2003. We were getting ready for bed at approximately 11:00pm when we heard footsteps in the hallway. Jeanette told me to check on the kids and see what that noise was about. I went into the hallway and opened up each of the kids bedroom doors.
Full story:
The Unfriendly Spirit | Socyberty


Backyard Spirits | Authspot

By Chris Stonecipher

On a hot summer night in 2001, my wife was in the backyard working in her garden. All of the sudden she came running into the house with her eyes as big as saucers. I asked Jeanette what was wrong and she said she saw a spirit of a man wearing a light brown fedora hat, tan jacket and white gloves floating gracefully across the backyard. He looked as if he was pacing the yard and went into my work shed. She said although she could not see his face well, she felt the presence of him looking straight at her.

Full story:
Backyard Spirits | Authspot

Tombstone Tales 013: 10 Funny Tombstones

10 Funny Tombstones

A tombstone is a way for people to say a final goodbye, some people use this opportunity to make people laugh by making a funny tombstone.

Nine More Funny Tombstone Tales to go:
In Between Meals: 10 Funny Tombstones

The Happy, Haunted Island of Poveglia

Strange Geographies: the Happy, Haunted Island of Poveglia

by Ransom Riggs 

A quarantine station, a dumping ground for plague victims, more recently a mental hospital — the tiny island of Poveglia in the Venice Lagoon has served many unpleasant purposes over the years, but today it stands empty, a crumbling collection of abandoned buildings and weeds run riot just two miles from the glittering palaces of the Grand Canal. Legends and rumors about Poveglia are nearly as pervasive as the weeds, and they read like a horror story: that so many people were burned and buried there during the black plague that the soil is 50% human ash; that local fishermen give the island a wide berth for fear of netting the wave-polished bones of ancestors; that the psychiatrist who ran the mental hospital was a butcher and torturer who went mad from guilt and threw himself from the island’s belltower, only to survive the fall and be strangled by a “ghostly mist” that emerged from the ground.

Full article:
mental_floss Blog » Strange Geographies: the Happy, Haunted Island of Poveglia



The Dread Rider: Vengeance on The High Plains | Quazen


Image Credit

The rider was dressed in the clothing of a Mexican vaquero: rawhide leggings, a buckskin jacket, and a tattered shawl about his shoulders. But above the shoulders, where the heads should have been, there was nothing. Instead, what appeared to be ahead wearing a wide sombrero was tied to the horn of the saddle, from where it stared blankly out across the plains. This grisly apparition and its mount could appear at any time of day, racing across the open range. It was always alone; the other mustangs shunned it.

Full story - by Mr Ghaz

The Dread Rider: Vengeance on The High Plains | Quazen


52 Images of Ghosts in Digital Arts - Session Magazine


52 Images of Ghosts in Digital Arts


By Session Magazine

Most of the people were scared once in their life time. When we were little our parents scared us with some scary stories. Now, we don’t need our parents to do that, now we are scaring ourselves. Enjoy in this digital art gallery of ghosts, and let the fantasy do all the rest. Make your ghost story.



2 52 Images of Ghosts in Digital Arts

Image Source

Full article:

52 Images of Ghosts in Digital Arts - Session Magazine


Ghost ship: Battleship Texas a sought-after site for paranormal investigators | khou.com | khou.com Local News

by Dave Fehilng

HOUSTON -- The Battleship Texas, anchored just off the Houston Ship Channel at the San Jacinto Monument, is a destination not just for tourists and history buffs, but also for people who believe in ghosts.
"Personal experiences have happened, which leads us to believe it could be haunted," said Dona Strohbehn, a member of a group called Houston Ghost Town Paranormal Investigations.
For those who believe in the paranormal, the Battleship Texas has been one of their most sought-after sites for investigation. It is one of the state's leading historic attractions, a floating monument to those who fought and died in two World Wars.



Full Story:

Ghost ship: Battleship Texas a sought-after site for paranormal investigators | khou.com | khou.com Local News


Ghost Army Using Illusions in WWII | Mighty Optical Illusions

Ghost Army Using Illusions in WWII

 by Vurdlak

Lifting a Rubber Tank Optical Illusion

I’ve stumbled upon an interesting WWII article about “Ghost Army“, an invisible army, operating in obscurity, mastering the arts of illusion, deception, and disinformation to defeat the Nazis in World War II. Something very similar you’ve already seen in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastardz.
This top-secret unit, so highly classified that its very existence was denied by the Pentagon for 50 years, is finally being not just exposed, but placed in the spotlight by a Michigan Library and an award-winning documentary filmmaker.
Full story:
Ghost Army Using Illusions in WWII | Mighty Optical Illusions


Haunted Castles

A look at some castles that are frequented by ghostly apparitions. Or really gullible people. It’s anybody’s guess...

Ancient or just simply old castles are some of the most interesting man-made places on Earth. They are often grand structures that are rich in history, but sometimes their history is dark and violent. This causes some people to look at these great historical sites in a different light. You can almost guarantee that if a person has been tortured, killed, incarcerated or died of old age in a castle, that someone will claim it is haunted.

Haunted Castles: Edinburgh Castle

Image Source

Edinburgh Castle is supposedly home to many ghosts. People have claimed to have seen apparitions there for quite some time now. The most famous of these ghosts are two headless men, one a drummer, the other a piper. They reportedly play their instruments from the battlements of the castle. Somebody ought to tell the people that supposedly see these ghosts that a piper couldn’t pipe without a head.

READ MORE: Haunted Castles
by Shelly Barclay

Weird Tales



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