Unsettling Old Photos of the “Living” Dead

Quoting Ransom Riggs:

Some of you might remember a blog I did last year, Only the Creepiest Photos Ever Taken. It was a small collection of something I’d just discovered — Victorian mourning photography, in which the dead are posed as if they were “just sleeping” and photographed, creating an expensive memento mori that was often the only photograph a family would have of the deceased loved one.

Well, I just found something creepier. A lot creepier. It’s a sub-genre of the Victorian mourning portrait, in which photographers clamp and pose the dearly departed in such a way that they look fully awake — usually standing up, eyes either held open by some unknown mechanism (shudder) or with pupils painted over closed eyes, to very, very creepy effect. They’re too crazy and weird not to share with you guys, but I’ll do the nightmare-prone among you a favor and save the first image until after the jump. (There’s nothing lose-your-lunch gross about these — this ain’t rotten.com, after all — they’re just deeply unsettling.)

parents and child2

The girl’s rigid hands and painted-on pupils — not to mention the edge of a stand behind her left leg — give it away.

Full article:
Unsettling Old Photos of the “Living” Dead
by Ransom Riggs


reyjr said...

This is really freaking me out right now. wah!

chubskulit said...

Gosh, I thought this is just an ordinary painting until I read your text, creepy indeed.

I just followed your blog, hope you can return the love.

Trickwood said...

Thats creepy, i love the stories with a little difference to the.

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