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Our move from a quaint Cape house into a three story Victorian was fairly smooth. I was most attracted to the huge deck on the second floor off of the south side of the home. There were a few Maple trees and a very large Mulberry tree with long branches that outstretched over the deck. I knew I would be spending a lot of time out there grilling burgers and dogs just playing guitars. It was very private and shaded from all of the trees surrounding the home. I did notice a lot of bees though. Buzzing around the Mulberries, charmed by the sweet nectar…

      We let our children pick out their own bedrooms and Trey picked the room closest to the deck near the Mulberry tree. Kiara picked the room opposite to Trey’s. The first night we all slept there, Trey started having nightmares. I would wake up from hearing his cries for me, “Daddy, daddy, theirs someone in my room”...

Photo and color/exposure by RS Wing

Full story by RS Wing:
Our Own Unhappy Ghost | Authspot


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