Haunted Castles

A look at some castles that are frequented by ghostly apparitions. Or really gullible people. It’s anybody’s guess...

Ancient or just simply old castles are some of the most interesting man-made places on Earth. They are often grand structures that are rich in history, but sometimes their history is dark and violent. This causes some people to look at these great historical sites in a different light. You can almost guarantee that if a person has been tortured, killed, incarcerated or died of old age in a castle, that someone will claim it is haunted.

Haunted Castles: Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle is supposedly home to many ghosts. People have claimed to have seen apparitions there for quite some time now. The most famous of these ghosts are two headless men, one a drummer, the other a piper. They reportedly play their instruments from the battlements of the castle. Somebody ought to tell the people that supposedly see these ghosts that a piper couldn’t pipe without a head.

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by Shelly Barclay

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