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By Michael John Grist
Common wisdom says Japan is a tiny island nation crammed from shore to shore with people living one on top of the other. Every bit of spare space is used to build Prius factories and grow rice.
In actuality, though, there are far more dark spots on the map than you'd imagine. The general view that every square inch of land is worth a bazillion dollars is just not true. There are gaps in the fa├žade that whole towns have fallen into, along with bizarre abandoned theme parks, ruined U.S. Air Force bases, and the tawdry remnants of pay-by-the-hour love hotels.
These places are known as haikyo, the Japanese word for ruins -- and Japan has plenty of them.
Based on over six years of actively exploring these haikyo, I've put together a list of the 10 most beautiful, most historic and most interesting. Read on to see these amazing forgotten gems, and click on the images to see more.
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The 10 Best Japanese Ghost Towns - Asylum.com

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