The Ghost Radio

By magnoliazz

When the moon rises, the ghost radio plays...

The Ghost Radio

I think I am a haunted person. Strange phenomena seems to follow me around. It started when I was five, and it continues to this day.
My latest haunting is what I call “The Ghost Radio”.
I have a finished basement with a bedroom and bathroom, it is also a storm shelter. At first I thought I would sleep in the basement only when a tornado warning was issued. A local woman was actually sucked out of her house during a nighttime tornado, so I started to get a bit paranoid when the weather turned stormy. Pretty soon I got a big screen TV for the basement bedroom, and then one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was sleeping in the basement every night. I feel very safe down there, kind of like a rabbit in its burrow.
At least twice a week, sometimes more than that, I wake up from a sound sleep, and it sounds just like a radio is playing in the kitchen area upstairs, however I have no radio I can make out songs quite easily, but I cannot make out what the announcer says. Its always a male announcer too, never a female. I guess they would really be classified as a disc jockey, but for some reason, I do not think that is appropriate in this case.

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The Ghost Radio

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