Marville, a Cold War Baby Blues


by Patrick Bernauw 

"Come on now, baby," the old lady said. "Come on now and follow me up to the cemetery. And listen to me, baby. I will not tell you a fairy tale. I will not tell you some silly urban legend. No fiction here with me, baby. Just plain facts. Just the true story of my Cold War Baby Blues. I want you to write it down, baby. Do you hear me? I want you to go tell it on the mountain. I want you to write it all down."

”The year was 1955,” the Lady of the Cemetery said. “As part of the NATO, the First Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force took possession of a newly built air base at Marville. Cozy little village it was. Close to the Franco-Belgian border, in the Lorraine Meuse Department.”
Full story (part one):
Marville, a Cold War Baby Blues: Part One | Socyberty

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