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Ride the nite mare, she gallops from dawn, racing furiously to beat the light. Her hooves kiss the earth with sparks, iron on rock, pyres burn behind her. Twin, thin streams of flame her breath, nostrils betray the fires of hell. Coal black, demon spawn, horse of Hades.
YouTube - Nite Mare

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Sweet Brier: Moon Shine Ridge

But you need to know why that ridge has that name
It's not the whiskey that was made.
That ridge is haunted and dangerous for you
The previous dwellers were driven insane.
For when the full moon lights the dark sky
And Emma Jean is seen.

She's come back for her girls
That never were found
This happens on Halloween.

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Sweet Brier: Moon Shine Ridge

By Faith Hodge


YouTube - Ghost Dreams

Ghost Dreams

by  mysticdave666 

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When i was a boy, i remember dreaming about ghosts flying at dusk, with their dark feathery whispers and moaning sounds, that i could faintly hear at night. In this dream i am in the desert after dark, swarms of ghosts soaring above me, obscuring the moon in gibbons phase. I begin to hear witches howl, so i climb to the top of a dune so i can see. There are a dozen or so, in black hooded robes. By torchlight they perform their secret rites and sacrifices.
YouTube - Ghost Dreams


Watchout, Zombies have risen again! - Fun Guerilla

ZOMBIECON NYC is a loosely organized group of bloodthirsty zombies. They gather once a year to attack NYC in a theatrical, absurdist parody of blind consumerism and brainless politics. Each year, they choose a theme to resonate with the times and attack city landmarks accordingly, stopping frequently for brains and beers.

On OCTOBER 16, 2010, the zombies have risen again in their disgusting annual search of bloody marys, brains, and braaaands. The glorious undead of New York City organised their sixth annual ghoulish spree of shopping, bar-hopping and horrifying Manhattan street theatrics.

Watchout, Zombies have risen again! - Fun Guerilla


Halloween Art. Hellish Creatures from Your Nightmares | Templates.com

Halloween Art

The haunted mind can give birth to horror and terrifying dreams. These dreams turn into nightmares and seize us at the darkest nights. They arouse our fears, stir blood in veins and make us believe in the most aweful things. It is a notorious fact that mysterious and unusual things evoke our interest and stir imagination. We can’t understand them, try to find some reasonable explanations and then come to the conclusion that we have to take as an axiom that these paranormal phenomena really exist. This theme is also very popular among digital artists who add breathtaking horror illustrations to their portfolios especially before Halloween. The Halloween art is inspired by mysticism and feature the expressive artworks showing various infernal creatures. Their macabre tone and gloomy colors leave the lasting impression and sometimes they can be called even stunning.

Well, let’s admire some really amazing examples of the Halloween art presented in today’s collection:

Weird Tales



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