Phantoms of Bruges-la-Morte: Introduction

Good day, my friend... Will you be so kind to let me tell you this little story?

That’s fine! That’s really... very nice of you! Now listen, I will tell you this cute little story...

Not so long ago, one of those many timeless tourist coaches stopped before me and the coachman offered me kindly a free ride. He showed me a map of medieval Bruges, which showed little or no differences with a map from your century.

‘The city still is a labyrinth,’ the coachman said, ‘lying beyond our laws of time and space. An unsuspecting tourist as you are, not guarded by a supernatural compass, would constantly return on his or her point of departure. Blame it on the medieval masons and the urbanists who have built this city in black magic rings.’

Why have they done that?’ I asked.

‘As you know, Bruges has once been chosen to be the Guardian City of the Holy Blood or the Holy Grail... So it must be here that Satan also unleashes the worst of his devils! That’s why the Powers of Good and Evil, of Darkness and Light will fight each other more fiercely in Bruges than anywhere else in the world! And that’s how Bruges was turned into Bruges-la-Morte...’

I see,’ I said. ‘Now may I ask you a question, Sir? I was wondering... You who drive day and night on these cobblestone roads, you must have seen a lot of strange and terrible things here… And if Bruges really is the City of Death, all those ghosts people are talking about… Are they real? Or do we see them only in our imagination?’

‘Oh, well, let me tell you this, my sweet Venetian Lady,’ the coachman smiled. ‘Now for over five hundred years I dwell on these streets of Bruges-la-Morte, and believe me: never have I seen one single ghost here!’

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A Ghost City Hunt, Trip & Game - Online or... Alive & kicking in good old Bruges-la-Morte:

To Be Continued!

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