The Dolls of Death

The Venetian Lady once played a wonderful tune on the piano in this most haunted house we are looking for....

She played it for her lover, who was a descendant of the Menapic druids that once lived here. He specialised in the manufacturing of the terrible Wax Dolls of Death.

Witches and warlocks were often asked to bring about a ‘manipulation of love’. Because of their intervention, a great love could be conquered or a broken heart avenged. Or a husband who got in the way suddenly suffered great torment and died in agony.

The Dolls of Death were baptised with the name of the victim and stabbed with hot and poisoned needles, before being cursed forever.

The Venetian Lady requested her lover to use a Doll on her old and rich husband. But this man, a butcher, suspected something and replaced his cut off fingernail by a lock of hair from the wicked druid...

The butcher went after his Venetian Lady, while her druid succumbed under hellish pains and she was hiding in the haunted house we are looking for...

Sometime later, the police found her body, on a bed soaked with her blood. The police searched and searched hard, but they never found her head. Maybe it got lost in Horror House?

Some nights the ghost of the Venetian Lady has been seen, head under the arm, wandering through the streets of Bruges-la-Morte, whispering: ‘My dear druid... Where have you gone?’

Meanwhile her sinister husband plunges himself in the Lake of Love, as he has done for the last few centuries...

Weird Tales



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