What the Ouija Board told us...

We are searching for one particular, very haunted house, here in Bruges-la-Morte. We need the the name of the street and the address of this house.  During a number of seances with the Ouija board, a medium has made contact with the spirit world and has received some orders and coded messages.

‘Ouija’ is pronounced ‘Wiedja’. It’s a combination of the French and German word for ‘yes’. The Ouija board is a piece of paper or cardboard, or a wooden board with letters, numbers and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It can be used with a glass, pendulum or board to pass on messages and its purpose is to communicate with the spirit world. Just like the tarot game, the Ouija board is an oracle: it answers the questions you ask.

In the True & Sad Story of Love Lake, communicated to us through the Ouija board, the name of a street is hidden (in Dutch, of course). Go for it:

Minna (an old Dutch word for ‘love’) lived ith her old father in a small fisher’s cabin by the Reie canal. Her father had sailed his whole life the wild waters of the North Sea. Now the lived from the few fish the Reie gave them, while he dreamt of a young fellow who would oce again take his boat onto the wild waters. Minna’s father thouht of a guy like Hornbeck, the son of a fisherman, but Minn was madly in love with the young farmer Stromberg.

‘A farmer is not suitable party for a fisherman’s daughter’, Minna’s father said. And that’s why Minna met her lover in secret on the banks of the Reie, where they hid in the reeds.

Then war broke out. The fishemen stayed at home, but the farmers went to war an Minna’s father seized the opportunity. ‘Within three days, you will marry Hornbeck’, he said.

Minna cried for two days and nights, but on the third day he fled into the dunes. From morning till evening she ran through heather and woods until she fell down by the banks of the Reie, completely exhaused.

When Stomberg came back home, people said his beloved had vanished without a trace. He went out to look for her, and found her in their secret hiding place... and Minna died that night in his arms.

The sun rose and Stromberg created dam in the Reie. Now the fishermen downstream only found fish in the mud, despertely gasping for air.

In the dry bed Stromberg dug a grave for Minna. He covered her body with a blanket of water lilies, and stayed with her a full night. After that, he let the water stream again.

Soon the grave of his dead love reflected the heavenly blue sky. And Sromberg rolled a heavy black stone onto the roerbank in which he hacked the letters:

M i n n a w a t e r

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