The Ossuary of Saint-Hilaire

The village of Marville in Lorraine, France, once was a Spanish domain, very prosperous, where numerous noble, bourgeois and trading families had settled down. The church of Saint-Hilaire, dating from the 12th century, still is surrounded by a graveyard with beautiful tombstones and a remarkable ossuary (15th century). Most of the ossuaries like this one have now disappeared, but the cemetery of Saint-Hilaire still shelters 40.000 skulls and bones...

We were like you...You will be like us...Pray for us...

The photos were taken by embee and used with permission.
The poems were written by Patrick Bernauw, aka the Lost Dutchman, and inspired by the cemetery and the ossuary of Marville, France.

Take a look at the photos and read the poems here:
In this Castle of a Sleeping Beauty


Haunted Nightclubs: Dancing with the Dead

By kittythedreamer

Nightclubs are for the young...for the wild and rebellious to dance the night away and maybe pick someone up along the way. At least this has been the ubiquitous definition of a nightclub since they were first established; however, it is not just the young (or the living) occupying these clubs. Throughout the past twenty years, there has been sighting upon sighting and multiple experiences of the paranormal in nightclubs all over the United States. Oddly, many of the entities in these haunted nightclubs seem to be either angry or deathly upset about something...maybe they can't stand the loud music and annoying young adults...or maybe they are destined to party for eternity.


Masquerade nightclub is nestled in the heart of the south...Atlanta, Georgia. This eccentric goth-rock club is known by many rockers and gothic persons residing in the peach state's beloved capital, more specifically for the decor and theme of the nightclub. Heaven and Hell...the first and second levels of the nightclub feature bands and DJs, with the first floor of "hell" being the dance club portion of the venue. When people want to take a break from the loud bands or the DJs' blaring music, they can head out to the side-bar area known as "Purgatory". The club draws a mixed crowd of young teens and even some older goth folks. More recently, the Masquerade has become the talk of the town for other reasons besides the show-casings of local and regional musical talents...it has came to be known as a haunted nightclub.

Photo Source: http://venue-info.livejournal.com/14036.html
Full article:

Haunted Nightclubs: Dancing with the Dead


Ghosts I've Met (Part 1 of 4)

By Dave Powell

Tales of True Haunts

Half a century later, the mysterious armoire that was in the basement when we moved in, and the small secret room that I found near the furnace, are surely long gone. But what about the freezing terror spot in the basement floor? Or the pummeling night fists? Or the apparitions? They’d be harder to renovate away . . . (Powell Family Photo)
We all believe in ghosts at Halloween. The very idea of them gives us delightful tingles. But after the holiday ends, those whose physical senses have never admitted anything even vaguely supernatural into their “view of reality" stop believing in spooks.
But others continue believing long after the final doorbell rings and the last candy drops into a child’s trick-or-treat bag. These folks’ senses have admitted the “other side” (or whatever you want to call it) into their world view.
I’m one of them. I’ve faced ghosts... and actually, still do.
Full story:
Ghosts I've Met (Part 1 of 4)


Not the Same - KP Devlin

I was instantly in love with this song... Reminds me of Dylan's "Desire".


Self mummification

Monk Kukais practice of self mummification was settled a thousand years ago on the holy mountain of Koya (Wakayama Prefecture).On his own experiences he developed a system step closer to the ideal, the passage which took a decade …

Initially, it was necessary to radically change the diet.Monk was allowed to eat nuts and seeds, which he sought out in the woods that surrounded the temple.This first stage lasted for a thousand days, that is about 3 years.
In addition to limitations in food monk had to suffer the brunt of daily work, prolonged physical activity, religious vigils.As a result, body fat almost disappeared.It rids the body of the substance, the most rapidly disintegrating after his death.

Full article:
Self mummification


Strange Message I found on my computer...



The scariest ghost clip show ever!

Here are compiled video clips showing some of our best or most interesting paranormal events captured to camcorder over the last few years,
Hope you enjoy, and if not a subscriber, join us today to receive regular updates of new shows:)


Cities of the dead: 7 sinister ossuaries

While overgrown cemeteries are mysterious places, with abandoned chapels and tumbling gravestones providing a perfect habitat for plants and animals, ossuaries present a far more forboding environment. All over the world, chapels and churches hide a dark subterranean secret beneath their stone floors, from family vaults to bone-lined cities of the dead. But despite their chilling existence, ossuaries provided an economical solution to the problem of overcrowding. In many cases bodies were buried briefly before relocating to an ossuary, where they could be stacked with other remains in a sort of grizzly storage system that allowed countless human skeletons to be interred in a single tomb. Ossuaries were used by the Zoroastrians in Persia 3,000 years ago, and have been adopted by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Jewish faiths, in often decorative displays that bring a whole new meaning to the term “bone structure”.

See more of the Chapel of Bones, Evora, Portugal and other osssuaries: 
Cities of the dead: 7 sinister ossuaries


Kuriositas: The Sedlec Ossuary - The Art of Human Remains

The Sedlec Ossuary - The Art of Human Remains

Image Credit Flickr User Mr Nightshade

The suburb of Sedlec is a quiet, everyday place, just another part of the small but historic town of Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic.  The town has never had a huge population – even today the number of souls there number just over twenty thousand.  Yet this calm suburb is home to the Sedlec Ossuary a place which could well send a shiver up your spine.  This small chapel under the Cemetery Church of All Saints houses the skeletons of around 70,000 people.  And they are not exactly tucked away in a crypt, either.
Kuriositas: The Sedlec Ossuary - The Art of Human Remains


Audio Tour: America's Most Haunted City - Savannah, Georgia

"America's most haunted city." That's right, we're talking about Savannah, Georgia.

Millions of tourists visit Savannah each year, drawn by its beautiful moss-draped parks, quaint shops, trendy restaurants and nightclubs, world-class art galleries, and America's largest historic district. But, what many of these tourists don't realize is that almost every place they visit within the old city is occupied by ghosts who make their presence known to residents and visitors alike.
Take a journey to nine of the most haunted locales in the oldest part of the city. You will hear about each locations haunted history and the spirits who call them home. Who knows, you may even experience a ghost along the way - thousands of visitors do every year!
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Smashwords - GhostWritings - A book by Patrick Bernauw

Cover for 'GhostWritings'


Ebook By Patrick Bernauw
Published: Mar. 14, 2011
Category: Non-Fiction » New Age » The Paranormal
Words: 16172 (approximate)
Language: English

Ebook Short Description

Here are some of the finest true ghost stories taken from my own collection... From well known "urban legends" such as the Amityville Horror (or Hoax?) to the historical stuff (ah, the Ghost of Anna Boleyn), from the Angels of Mons to the Pilot's Ghost of Montrose... Are not we all living in a haunted submarine?

Extended Description

The spirit of Henry VIII apparently sleeps peacefully. But the two wives he executed – Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard – still haunt the world they once lived in... Here is the story of Anne Boleyn, who was believed to be guilty of treason, incest, adultery and... witchcraft!
A November evening in 1974. The New York police are called to 112 Avenue, Amityville on Long Island. Six people have been killed in the six-bedroom house in Dutch Colonial style, with swimming pool and boathouse. This brutal mass murder is only the beginning of one of the most controversial stories of the supernatural the world has ever seen…
The spirit of Henry VIII apparently sleeps peacefully. But the two wives he executed – Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard – still haunt the world they once lived in... Here is the story of Anne Boleyn, who was believed to be guilty of treason, incest, adultery and... witchcraft!
A November evening in 1974. The New York police are called to 112 Avenue, Amityville on Long Island. Six people have been killed in the six-bedroom house in Dutch Colonial style, with swimming pool and boathouse. This brutal mass murder is only the beginning of one of the most controversial stories of the supernatural the world has ever seen...
In her book on spiritualism "There Is No Death", published in 1891, Florence Marryat told the story of a séance that was held in a haunted house in Bruges, Belgium. This house would soon be known as "Bruges-la-Morte", because of the famous novel of Georges Rodenbach...
This is probably the oldest ghost story in the history of aviation. The little Irishman Desmond Arthur, black-haired and grey-eyed, gained his Royal Aero Club certificate in June 1912 and was killed in May 1913 when the BE2 biplane he was flying over Montrose in Scotland folded up in the air. But it was no flying accident. It was murder...
In Germany a submarine was called an U-boat, or "Unterseeboot". At the outbreak of World War One, Germany had 33 of them. With the possibility of rich prizes off the British and Irish coasts and in the Channel, in early 1916 an entire flotilla of 24 U-boats was launched in the North Sea. One of them was the U-65, and from the very beginning there was talk about "jinxes" and "hoodoos"...
In 1930, the British newspaper The Daily News had a story that first was published by a New York newspaper. If a former member of the Imperial German Intelligence Service was to be believed, British troops had in 1914 really seen what they called The Angels of Mons...

And much, much more…

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Smashwords - GhostWritings - A book by Patrick Bernauw


Ghosts on the Underground

More than one billion people use London underground annually, yet few of them know just how haunted the tube really is. We investigate the supernatural secrets of the oldest underground network in the world. Our hair-raising journey takes us through the graves, church crypts and plague pits that tube tunnels have disrupted. We hear the startling stories of the men and women who work one hundred and fifty feet below our capital’s pavements; we also scrutinise the network’s amazing architecture and exceptional engineering. This remarkable programme enables us to survey one of the most familiar environments in London from a radical and chilling perspective.We hear the supernatural stories of London Underground staff members who man the echoing stations and tunnels at night, long after the commuters have disappeared. For the first time on camera, drivers and station staff discuss their unexplainable subterranean experiences, outlining the effect that the incidents have had on them.
Ghosts on the Underground

Weird Tales



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