The Ossuary of Saint-Hilaire

The village of Marville in Lorraine, France, once was a Spanish domain, very prosperous, where numerous noble, bourgeois and trading families had settled down. The church of Saint-Hilaire, dating from the 12th century, still is surrounded by a graveyard with beautiful tombstones and a remarkable ossuary (15th century). Most of the ossuaries like this one have now disappeared, but the cemetery of Saint-Hilaire still shelters 40.000 skulls and bones...

We were like you...You will be like us...Pray for us...

The photos were taken by embee and used with permission.
The poems were written by Patrick Bernauw, aka the Lost Dutchman, and inspired by the cemetery and the ossuary of Marville, France.

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In this Castle of a Sleeping Beauty


Haunted Nightclubs: Dancing with the Dead

By kittythedreamer

Nightclubs are for the young...for the wild and rebellious to dance the night away and maybe pick someone up along the way. At least this has been the ubiquitous definition of a nightclub since they were first established; however, it is not just the young (or the living) occupying these clubs. Throughout the past twenty years, there has been sighting upon sighting and multiple experiences of the paranormal in nightclubs all over the United States. Oddly, many of the entities in these haunted nightclubs seem to be either angry or deathly upset about something...maybe they can't stand the loud music and annoying young adults...or maybe they are destined to party for eternity.


Masquerade nightclub is nestled in the heart of the south...Atlanta, Georgia. This eccentric goth-rock club is known by many rockers and gothic persons residing in the peach state's beloved capital, more specifically for the decor and theme of the nightclub. Heaven and Hell...the first and second levels of the nightclub feature bands and DJs, with the first floor of "hell" being the dance club portion of the venue. When people want to take a break from the loud bands or the DJs' blaring music, they can head out to the side-bar area known as "Purgatory". The club draws a mixed crowd of young teens and even some older goth folks. More recently, the Masquerade has become the talk of the town for other reasons besides the show-casings of local and regional musical talents...it has came to be known as a haunted nightclub.

Photo Source: http://venue-info.livejournal.com/14036.html
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Haunted Nightclubs: Dancing with the Dead

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