The Ossuary of Saint-Hilaire

The village of Marville in Lorraine, France, once was a Spanish domain, very prosperous, where numerous noble, bourgeois and trading families had settled down. The church of Saint-Hilaire, dating from the 12th century, still is surrounded by a graveyard with beautiful tombstones and a remarkable ossuary (15th century). Most of the ossuaries like this one have now disappeared, but the cemetery of Saint-Hilaire still shelters 40.000 skulls and bones...

We were like you...You will be like us...Pray for us...

The photos were taken by embee and used with permission.
The poems were written by Patrick Bernauw, aka the Lost Dutchman, and inspired by the cemetery and the ossuary of Marville, France.

Take a look at the photos and read the poems here:
In this Castle of a Sleeping Beauty

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