Thinking about H.P. Lovecraft's Tomb...

... was created by Patrick Bernauw, aka The Lost Dutchman, based upon the H.P. Lovecraft story The Tomb, and with a gothic and dark ambient soundtrack by Fernand Bernauw, a "horror ambience" by klankbeeld and the soundscape "tangible darkness" by keplar.

SHE: If you're a man, you better admit it.

HE: If you're a woman, too!

SHE: You always have been a dreamer, and a visionary.

HE: Always seeing and hearing things, that were not there.

SHE: Maybe, in the twilight deeps of a wooded hollow, you spent all the time you got - reading, thinking, dreaming.

HE: As I did!

SHE: Reading Howard Phillips Lovecraft, for instance.

HE: The Tomb!

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The Last Prussian Conjurer (Skeleton Automaton)

An automaton/sculpture by made Thomas Kuntz (2012), inspired by First World War (and anti-war) propaganda art, Diableries/Totentanz traditions, Dada, Hans Richter and Monty Python! Video: Blake Bolger. Music: Erik Braun and His Orchestra (In A Cool Place) "He lost his arm, then lost his life before returning to his first two loves... his eagle claw meershaum pipe and his conjuring..."


Riding the Night Mare


This is the story of a young man who met this beautiful girl in a pawnshop, while buying a new bed and mattress. He didn't know she was Lilith, the female demon, some sort of a vampire who can drain your life while having sex, and draws all your energy to sustain herself, and stay forever young. Lilith is a succubus, that's Latin for "prostitute" or... "that which lies beneath".

Transcript of the monologue

Soundtrack Creative Commons - Thanks to:
sexual intercourse.flac by cognito perceptu -- http://www.freesound.org/people/cognito%20perceptu/sounds/22966/

"Riding the Night Mare" was created by Patrick Bernauw and may be used in its entirety, in adaptation or in any other way for theatrical productions, only with permission from info@inter-actief.be
Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that this monologue is subject to a royalty, and is fully protected under the copyright laws of all countries covered by the Berne Convention.

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