Thinking about H.P. Lovecraft's Tomb...

... was created by Patrick Bernauw, aka The Lost Dutchman, based upon the H.P. Lovecraft story The Tomb, and with a gothic and dark ambient soundtrack by Fernand Bernauw, a "horror ambience" by klankbeeld and the soundscape "tangible darkness" by keplar.

SHE: If you're a man, you better admit it.

HE: If you're a woman, too!

SHE: You always have been a dreamer, and a visionary.

HE: Always seeing and hearing things, that were not there.

SHE: Maybe, in the twilight deeps of a wooded hollow, you spent all the time you got - reading, thinking, dreaming.

HE: As I did!

SHE: Reading Howard Phillips Lovecraft, for instance.

HE: The Tomb!

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