Behind a Veil of Darkness - ebook by David Tyra

Behind a Veil of Darkness: Book Three by David Tyra. $3.99 from Smashwords.com
Is evil, evil, if it is done for good reasons? Do the ends justify the means? If you want to create a perfect world of equal outcome is it alright to destroy an imperfect world? Is it alright to enslave one man for the good of others? What is good and what is evil? Who determines which is which? Follow Michael Moore as he hunts for answers and the man who has them.

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Ramya Haider said...

Mental Hospitals and Asylums seem to draw Most Haunted Stories or ghost stories the way a light on a dark night draws bugs. Ghost stories cling to them like moss and collect over time until the dead patients wandering the halls outnumber the living.

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